Campus Dining Loosens COVID-19 Restrictions at CUW

Warmer weather, longer days and low numbers of COVID-19 cases has led to some restrictions being loosened at CUW. Two of these big changes have affected Concordia’s dining options.

For the first time, students are able to pour their own drinks in the Dining Hall and the Landing. Napkin dispensers are also at all the tables in the Dining Hall.

Concordia Senior Josh Dinkelman said these changes give hope for steps toward a normal college life. 

“It makes me feel like things are starting to go back to normal,” said Dinkelman. “It gives me hope that soon we can get back to  normal college experiences that the new students really deserve.”

Some underclassmen, however, have never lived on a campus without these restrictions in place, like freshman Ryan Kroonblawd.

“I like that we can get our own drinks now because it is simply more convenient. I also don’t have to worry about running out of napkins,” Kroonblawd said.

Though these changes may not seem monumental, it helps students feel a sense of normalcy again.

Written By Luke Symmank

Categories: Faculty and Staff, Student Life

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