The Department of Multicultural Studies Hosts The Global Perspective Lectures Highlighting Cultures Around the World

Concordia University Wisconsin’s Department of Multicultural Studies is hosting a lecture series highlighting different cultures around the world. Each month, a different part of the world is featured giving Concordia staff and students an opportunity to learn about a new culture. 

Each lecture features a series of different speakers. A number of International students attending CUW discuss their experiences living outside the United States. The speakers also include representatives from a variety of Concordia departments who have studied a particular culture. 

Each speaker talks for approximately ten minutes about a country he or she has lived in or studied. Each month, a different part of the world is highlighted.

A lecture showcasing Africa took place in January, followed by a lecture which featured Latin America in February. 

Rev. Dr. Ron Mudge was one of the speakers during the lecture on Africa. Mudge, taught theology in Togo and Ivory Coast for several years.

“I  mainly discussed the intersection between the African culture and theology,” Mudge said. 

Dr. John Horgan of the CUW History Department, was another speaker at the Global Perspective Lecture. Similar to Mudge, Horgan spoke about Africa. 

Although he has not lived in Africa, Horgan has had many years of experience researching and teaching about different cultures.

According to Horgan, he was happy to see a great deal of individuals attending the lectures.

“It was hard to tell for sure on Zoom, but I would say there were about fifty individuals or more who were attending the lecture virtually which I thought was a really good turnout,” Horgan said. 

.On March 24th, there will be a lecture about Asia and the Middle East and in April the series will conclude with a lecture on European countries and cultures.

The event is free and no registration is required to join. Due to COVID-19, the event is being held virtually via Zoom.

Written By Ashley Brooks

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