CUW Student Workers Describe The Significance of Their Jobs on Campus

CUW students Theresa Meyer and Emily Ott are two of many student workers employed on campus that do important jobs to keep the university running. 

Theresa Meyer is the Digital Events Coordinator, meaning she processes all of the events submitted to the university and puts them onto the campus calendar and Falcon Flyer for both the Wisconsin and Ann Arbor campuses. 

“I like that I always know what’s going on,”  said Meyer. “I like knowing that what I’m doing is important and that people need it.” 

Meyer recognized how her job positively impacts the Concordia community.

“It’s a lot of work to get things on the calendar and make it public for people to see. My job makes everyone else’s life easier,” Meyer said. “They do the important stuff so I can put it together and make it look good.”

Emily Ott helps students, faculty, and staff print everything from brochures to art projects as an employee of the Duplication Center. 

Ott began working on campus to offset tuition costs, but now loves how accessible it is for her schedule. 

“Employment on campus is nice so I can work in the gaps between my classes. My bosses are understanding of my schedule, so they respect my class load and know that being a student comes first,” Ott said.

The Duplication Center prints all of the admissions materials, syllabi and tests for professors, and projects for students. Without the student workers in this department, acquiring these materials would be convoluted process more expensive.

“I just try to help out anyone who comes in however I can,” said Ott.

Student workers help out in just about every corner of CUW, and the university benefits from them just about as much as they benefit from having a job on campus.

Written By Madelyne Arrigoni 

Categories: Student Life

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