CUW Commuter Students Express Their Concerns Of A Fully Open Campus

The transition to in-person or hybrid learning, without available vaccines for students, has left some students concerned.

Commuter student senior Hana Castillo said the option of online classes should have been given to commuter students due to worries of family member’s health. 

“I think having a hybrid option works for everybody. My grandparents currently live with me and my family, therefore the risk of infection is something we worry about,” said Castillo. 

Castillo also said the campus being fully open can be a concern due to how packed some areas of campus can get. 

“I think many students have gotten used to an online/ hybrid model, and personally I enjoy that model more. There is nothing wrong with in-person class, but walking through packed hallways or “lunch traffic” seems like a drag,” Castillo said. 

Along with Castillo, about 1400 students commute to Concordia. 

Concordia Dean of Students Dr. Steve Gerner, said although an online option wasn’t given to all commuter students, the university gave those more at risk (such as a heart condition or asthma) the option. 

“Students at risk were able to go to the Academic Resource Center, and explain that they had a health concern,” said Dr. Gerner. “With that, they were able to get accommodation for that. It also applied for students that lived with family members who were at risk as well.” 

Dr. Gerner said he hopes professors get to know students and understand the possible difficulties outside of school for some commuter students.  

Concordia plans to continue in-person classes for students that commute and live on campus next fall semester.

Written By Angelica Rocha

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