Resident Assistants Host Faculty Panel in Honor of Women’s History Month 

On Wednesday March 10, Resident Assistants Gabby Pavlik and Gabby Kuehl hosted a women’s panel in honor of Women’s History month. The panel included staff members Beckie Kruse, Anne Spahr, Jeremy Schumacher, and Jennifer Delwiche.

Pavlik said this event was for students to discuss topics that may be hard to talk about. 

“The goal was to open up an opportunity to have a safe conversation about things that are kind of awkward to talk about, or are taboo or uncomfortable, or maybe seen as something you shouldn’t bring up to your friends,” Pavlik said. 

The speakers on the panel represented resources available on campus.

Kruse works in Residence Life, Spahr works in the counseling center on campus, Schumacher is the assistant women’s volleyball coach and a counselor for athletics, and Delwiche is a nursing professor on campus and worked in a sexual assault unit in a local hospital.

Both Pavlik and Kuehl said that they wished a panel like this was offered their freshman year where they could ask questions and be referred to resources offered on campus and in the community. 

The questions asked by students seemed to focus mostly on mental health and creating healthy relationships with clear boundaries. 

Schumacher reminded those in attendance that students often compare themselves to those around them in the Concordia system and cling on to false realities, such as the “ring before spring” cliché and other relational topics, due to the limited exposure to the outside world. 

Kuehl agreed with Schumacher’s sentiment.

“Concordia can oftentimes be seen as a bubble, which can be a good thing and a bad thing, but when it comes to certain topics, people don’t want to talk about it because it is seen in such a negative light,” Kuehl said.

Pavlik and Kuehl hope to host this event again next year and focus on sexual violence and assault as they feel it is often an ignored topic on campus. 

Written By Nora Rudzinski 

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