Students For Life Hold Webinar About the COVID-19 Vaccine and the Use of Fetal Experimentation 

Students for Life and Concordia’s University’s Center for BioEthics hosted a webinar, Science, and Ethics of Using Preborn for Experimentation in Medical Research, for students and staff members of Concordia on March 17.

Dr.Tara Sander Lee spoke on behalf of the Charlotte Lozier Institute to educate and answer questions regarding the ethics of fetal experimentation and the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Dr. Sander Lee is a Senior Fellow and Director of Life Sciences at the Charlotte Lozier Institute in Washington, D.C. Dr. Lee previously was a member of Medical College of Wisconsin for over 15 years.

Bonnie Egger from Student Life said she was very interested in having Dr. Sander Lee on campus. 

“I heard about Dr. Sander Lee through Wisconsin Right to Life. Their regional coordinator for our area reached out to us last year with a list of pro-life speakers who love to talk on college campuses, and we were interested right away in having her speak,” said Egger. 

According to Egger, this event had been in the works since last spring. Dr. Sander Lee’s webinar is one of many events Student Life hosts during “Life Month.” 

Director for Concordia’s Center for Bioethics Kevin Voss also spoke at the event. According to Dr. Voss, the recent development of the COVID-19 vaccine has contributed to many questions regarding safety and ethics.

“This certainly is a timely issue, not only because of Covid, but there are still questions among Christian about the use of fetal cells or cells for the unborn in biomedical research. Certainly, Covid has brought these issues to a head, because of questions as to how these vaccines A either developed initially created and B how were they tested. So Christians have questions about both issues,” said Dr. Voss. 

As a Christian institution, Concordia values the sanctity of life. According to Egger, this event ties into CUW’s Christian teaching and will help strengthen those beliefs and values. These values extend towards the preborn in medical research. 

“As a Christian, Lutheran university, Concordia stands for life at every age and ability,” Egger said.

Written By Hana Castillo 

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