Campus Ministry Leadership Team adapts to COVID-19 Restrictions 

The Campus Ministry Leadership Team (CMLT) has made serving students in this difficult time a priority although the pandemic has limited the ability of on-campus groups to put on programs.

Sophomore Maddie Bernhardt regularly attends Haven, the Hiding Place, and is a part of Students for Life. In attending all of these ministries, she has experienced a wide variety of COVID accommodations within the ministries. 

“CMLT did a great job maintaining safety regulations while continuing to provide their ministries. They adjusted the events to ensure safety by requiring masks and social distancing without compromising the meaning behind each event,” Bernhardt said.

Though most ministries were able to adapt to COVID regulations, some groups were not able to come together. The leaders and their staff support had to make some difficult decisions to keep the students’ health a priority.

“A ministry probably hit the hardest was Mission Trips. We realized by mid- to late-Fall that things were just too uncertain to plan mission trips,” said Pastor Smith, an advisor for CMLT. “Nursing Home Ministry has also had great difficulty, for understandable reasons. In-person visits and ministry for such a vulnerable group just weren’t possible.”

Despite these losses, many necessary changes turned out to be enjoyable as well as safe.

“Moving the time of Haven to 4:00 on Sunday instead of 7:00 allowed us to be outside more often in the Fall before it got dark. We continued that time and have found that it seems to work well. We may decide to stick with that time,” Pastor Smith said.

By masking up and keeping a six-foot distance whenever possible, CMLT continued to take students to local food pantries, provide an off-campus study spot, and learn about mission work in a safe environment.

“CMLT events have provided me a sense of community during this time of distance. I think CMLT has really fulfilled the phrase ‘hearts together, 6 feet apart,’ because they have given me the opportunity to grow in my faith with others in a safe way,” said Burkhardt.

To learn more about Campus Ministries, click here.

Written By Madelyne Arrigoni 

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