Students Dealing with Changes to Spring Semester Schedule

The university cancelled spring break and shortened the spring semester by one week because of COVID-19. Although the semester will finish earlier, feelings of stress and exhaustion have grown among some students. 

Concordia sophomore William Bushie said he has felt worn out this semester.

“Second semester always seems to go faster, but this year, and specifically the last few weeks have really seemed to drag,” said Bushie. “I was really looking forward to spring break.”

Bushie said students should have a substantial break to be more productive. 

“I feel that for students to be most effective in classes, they need to be given real breaks. We were given a couple days off, but it wasn’t enough to actually relax,” said Bushie. 

Bushie said that he hopes that this experience does not have to happen again and that by next year we can go back to a normal semester schedule. 

Counseling Center counselor Anne Spahr said you must develop a strategy as to how you can handle stress. This strategy must be intentional and unique to how you handle situations. She encouraged all students to get enough sleep, eat proper food, exercise, and make time to relax.

Anne is one of four counselors on campus; they are available by appointment and are here to offer support and professional advice. 

To learn more about the Counseling Center on campus, click here. 

Written By Luke Symmank

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