CUW Theatre Students Adjust to Covid-19 Restrictions

Many programs around CUW’s campus have had to adjust in some sort of way to meet COVID-19 guidelines. Concordia’s Theatre program faced many restrictions, but was able to continue with productions. 

Stage managers Theresa Meyer and Mika Kennaugh are passionate about Concordia’s theatre and have been heavily involved in the program’s adjustment to virtual plays, in the form of both radio and Zoom.

Over the past year, Concordia has put on 10 shows under the new COVID-19 guidelines. Kennaugh has been involved with six of the 10 and is looking forward to participating in more productions in the future. 

“It was definitely difficult at the beginning because no one was used to zoom theatre, and so we had to figure out all the technical aspects,” Kennaugh said,

CUW’s theatre did have the opportunity to have one in-person show with a limited audience. The show, “My Funny Valentine,” occurred completely over twenty-four hours. The actors received their scripts and practiced the same night, only to return the next day and practice until the performance that second night.

Theresa Meyer said this was one of the best days this semester for theatre as the actors were finally able to gather together in person.

“Even the day we were all together to hand out costumes and take headshots was just so fun,” she said.

CUW theatre students hope that next year will provide more opportunities to be in person with a live audience. 

CUW’s theatre has upcoming shows to close out the school year. “Around the World in 80 Days” can be found on CUW Theatre website. The radio production “The War of the Worlds” will be added to the website in the near future. 

To learn more about the Theatre Department at CUW, click here.

Written By Nora Rudzinski

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