CUW Pep Band Plays In-Person for the First Time Since the COVID-19 Pandemic

On March 27, CUW’s Pep Band was able to perform at the home football game for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Although the day itself may have been cloudy and rainy, a sense of normalcy returned to campus. Cars arrived on campus, the parking structure was blocked off, and in-person attendance was permitted for the Falcon football game.

Concordia Freshman and member of the Pep Band Harrison Hulse, had never performed at a collegiate game before and said it was a great experience. 

“It was great to be out there, supporting them the best way we band folks know how. My time jamming out on tuba was well spent that Saturday for sure,” Hulse said. 

Returning band members were just as eager to play again. Andrew Theisz, a sophomore percussionist said it was great to be in action. 

“It was great to be out on the sidelines again,” said Theisz. “Although it was cold and raining the energy was definitely there, so it was fun as always.”

During the Pandemic, Pep Band found alternatives to playing in games but none of it felt the same to those involved. During the Fall semester, the pep band played a concert in the Chapel Courtyard, but to Pep Band members it left them wanting more. 

“Being surrounded by adoring fans truly energized me to give it my all, unlike the somewhat empty courtyard we filled with music last semester,” said Hulse. 

To learn more about the CUW Pep Band, click here. 

Written By Luke Symmank

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