Concordia Band Students Excited for Live Performances

COVID-19 has restricted Concordia’s band students, but recently the pep band has performed at basketball and football games. 

Music students Kassidy Bohling and Emi Treptow are both involved with several music groups and have been able to perform live with Pep band this semester. 

“I love the bands here at CUW,” Bohling said. “It has felt so good to finally perform for a live audience.”

Bohling said bands do not get the opportunity to perform live due to the limited capacity of the spaces. 

“Pep band is smaller, and we are still allowed to have visitors for that, because it is outside, but we still observe some Covid restrictions,” she said.

The musicians are still required to social distance and wear masks during these outdoor performances, but the students are grateful for the opportunity to perform once again.

Treptow said it has been difficult because her family has not been able to support her in-person at musical events. 

“It is so sad that we haven’t had performances for other bands this year. I miss seeing my grandparents in the audience cheering for me,” she said. 

She is thankful, however, that pep band performances have been live streamed so that her family at home can still watch her perform.

Both Treptow and Bohling are frustrated that their other bands have not been given the same opportunity to perform for live audiences. Their concerts are instead recorded and uploaded on platforms where they can be watched later. 

“I am still sad that University Band hasn’t had the opportunity to perform in person. I hope we will be back to live performances next year,” Treptow said.

To learn more about CUW music opportunities on campus, click here. 

Written By Nora Rudzinski

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