The Impact of COVID-19 on Student Enrollment

Due to COVID-19, Concordia had many unknown factors for the fall of 2020 Admissions process due to many students being undecided as to whether or not he or she wanted to start college during a pandemic.

Student Hannah Brandenstein was undecided about whether to register for fall semester classes.

“It was a hard decision mostly because we did not hear if students could be on campus for most of the summer,” said Brandenstein. “Personally, if students were not allowed on campus I would have taken a gap year.” 

Brandenstein said that virtual classes and the fear of getting the COVID-19 was why she considered taking a semester off.

The deadline for enrollment and housing was extended in order to accommodate students who were undecided about whether or not to start college. 

According to Director of Undergraduate Admissions Mark Mentele, the decrease in enrollment was less than expected.

“There was only about a 5 percent drop in student enrollment. It was more of a deferment than a drop though. We had the highest number or students postponing their registration and carrying it over into the next semester,” Mentele said.

The Admissions department hopes that with the COVID-19 vaccine and potentially fewer cases, enrollment for the fall of 2021 will be higher.

To learn more about Admissions at CUW, click here.

Written By Ashley Brooks

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