Concordia Music Department Makes Changes Due to COVID-19

The university Music Department has made many changes in teaching strategies and events this year due to COVID-19.

Throughout the past year, all classes at Concordia University made changes due to COVID-19. For the Concordia music classes, these changes were very unique and took a lot of planning. 

Dr. Mark Bloedow, a professor in the Music Department, said that classes looked a lot different than in years past.

Bloedow oversees handbell classes, and said after the pandemic started most performances and classes had to be canceled.

One of these events was the annual handbell Spring concert. Fortunately, the concert will continue this year; the concert will be held via Facebook livestream instead of in-person. 

When it was announced that classes would resume in-person in August, a new classroom procedure started. During handbell classes, each player had to stand six feet apart and wear masks at all times. Handbells were also sanitized after each use. 

According to handbell student Maddie Juga, having concerts virtually was the hardest change.

“I missed having a live audience during our performance. I love being able to see all of our family and friends in the audience,” Juga said.

Although she missed many aspects of an in-person concert, Juga also said there were some benefits in having a virtual performance

“Since the concert was recorded, we had a chance to pick and choose what scenes we wanted to include,” siad Juga. “By doing this, we could make sure everything was perfect.”

Although it was strange to get used to the new COVID-19 class room precautions and virtual concerts, Bloedow said he is very impressed with how the students have adapted.

“With all the changes we have had to make this semester, the students have really risen to the occasion,” said Bloedow. 

The Concordia handbell players are looking forward to performing the spring concert on Saturday and hope to be performing in-person next semester.

To learn more about the Music Department at Concordia, click here.

Written By Ashley Brooks

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