Zoey’s 5th Birthday and New Comfort Dog Initiative

CUW students love the on-campus comfort dog Zoey. As Zoey celebrates her 5th birthday, a second comfort dog will be a part of campus.

Bringing a canine friend for Zoey to campus is being headed up by CUW’s newly formed Comfort Dog Club. Samantha Stohlman is one of the club’s executive board members, and has been excited to work on fundraising for the expenses of the new dog.

“We’re getting the new comfort dog for the Health Sciences department. It’ll be different than Zoey’s role, she’s specifically designed to be here to help the students and work in the counseling center. The new one will be awesome for health majors, developing their program, and helping them get certified in comfort dog training, and use that in their practices,” said Stohlman.

The new comfort dog will work with the campus’ Health Sciences clinic, and fundraising has been successful.

“We did a crowdfunding site online, and people donated. We went to the Residence Halls on campus so that the different halls could compete to raise funds. Additionally, one of Zoey’s dog food providers doubled the money, so that if we reached $10,000, they’d give us $10,000 more. So, we already reached our goal, and will be using the extra for program development,” said Stohlman.

According to the CUW website, Zoey has done exciting work with CUW recently. Zoey traveled to Sandy Hook Elementary in late 2012 to aid victims of the school shooting and Orlando in June 2016 to comfort victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

Although the club has reached the initial goal for the main fundraiser, they are still accepting donations. According to Stohlman, the club would love to send students along on trips with the dog, or expand the comfort dog program.

Donations can be made through an online platform called Crowdrise, with this link: https://www.crowdrise.com/cuw-comfort-dog

Two Degrees, Four Years

For students in the Business Scholars program at Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW), one degree just wasn’t enough. In this accelerated dual degree program within the School of Business Administration at CUW, a select group of students are earning their undergrad degrees in Business Administration as they simultaneously earn their MBA.

Students in the program complete both degrees in four years, which means many students graduate with a Master’s degree at age 21. For most seniors in college, finishing one undergrad degree is a major challenge, but these Business Scholars go above and beyond bearing the usual college workload.

Students are taught by business industry professionals who are “dedicated to leading others in their field of expertise. (In CUW’s MBA program) you will receive the benefit of worldwide practitioner instructors, individualized programs that start at your convenience, and unique perspectives from a diverse student body,” according to CUW’s website.

Scholars can add to their educational toolbox by studying topics from real estate investment to securities analysis and risk management, and become prepared for many positions within the business sector.

Highly qualified incoming freshmen are admitted by the School of Business administration into the Business Scholars program, and are full graduate students throughout their junior and senior years as they begin graduate course work starting in their third year. Business Scholars are required to maintain a 3.5 GPA, and complete internships related to both their undergrad and graduate degrees, according to the CUW academic catalog.  By taking a heavy load of credits every semester (at least 18) some Business Scholars don’t even need to take summer or interim classes.

Seniors in the program like Micah Wheeler are seeing their hard work pay off.

“It’s so exciting to have almost completed the Business Scholars program at CUW. I can’t wait to enter the workforce and put the knowledge gained from my MBA classes to work,” Wheeler said.


Dave Coulier Event a Major Success at CUW

Over 550 CUW students, faculty, and staff enjoyed a blast from TV past Oct. 3, when comedian and actor Dave Coulier visited campus.

The beat the expectations held by the organizers of the event, CUW’s Campus Activities Board (CAB). The crowd packed the Todd Wehr Auditorium on the CUW campus, and laughs could be heard pouring out of the room. In addition to a hilarious comedy routine, Coulier held a Q&A session including funny questions, and questions about his career.

“When we got in contact with Dave’s agent over the summer, we were nervous and hesitant, but so excited for this new opportunity to bring such a big name on campus.

Seeing the excitement since the beginning of the school year was huge for us. To have people waiting outside four hours before the event even started proved itself how successful the event was. It was such a fun night to see over 550 people – both faculty and staff – coming together for a good laugh!” CAB’s Kimberlyn Skibbe said. CAB staff members, who are all undergrad students, planned and staffed the events.

According to Skibbe, it was exciting for CUW to be able to invite a high-profile individual like Coulier, who starred for many years as Uncle Joey on the hit sitcom “Full House,” the Netflix reboot of the hit, “Fuller House,” voiced many cartoon characters, and even hosted his own series on Nickelodeon.

In addition to inviting comedians and performing acts, CAB plans other events for CUW students. CAB plans CUW’s Homecoming celebration, hosts trivia challenges, movie nights, and many off-campus day trips.

CAB also invite students to become members of the board, allowing them to plan or contribute ideas for campus events. CAB said they were encouraged by the excellent turnout to the comedy act, and hopes to capitalize on its success to build momentum for the year of events ahead.



Women’s Triathlon Team in its Second Year on Campus

After a strong inaugural season in fall 2016, the CUW Women’s Triathlon team is thriving during their second year on campus.

This year, the team is transitioning from being a new sport into a fixture of the CUW athletic scene. The squad has remained approximately the same size, losing three former members, and adding two new athletes. A new coach, Ryan Schmelling, has been hired by the CUW Athletic Director to lead the team after the former coach, Andrew Shanks, moved on from CUW. Schmelling, an Ironman athlete and a certified U.S. Triathlon coach, is working to help team members improve in the three events in a triathlon: swimming, biking, and running.

“It’s been exciting to really grow as an athlete through this sport. Starting out last year with no background in triathlon technique, I wasn’t prepared for the learning curve our team would experience. However, coming back for the second year of the program, we have all experienced significant gains in our abilities in the sport and are already achieving a more competitive season,” CUW Triathlon athlete Meghan Klement said.

So far this season, the team has competed in two races. One of the races, a community triathlon held in Portage, Wisconsin, on August 26, was a new addition to the schedule. The athletes performed well, with several women improving their personal times within the individual events. Two weekends later, on September 4, the team traveled to Naperville, Illinois, to compete in a regional qualifier. In this notoriously difficult race, athletes from across collegiate divisions competed with one another to qualify for the NCAA Women’s Triathlon National Championships, being held in Tempe, Arizona, in early November, according to the CUW webiste. Showing a large improvement from their performance at the same race the previous season, each CUW athlete improved their times on the course.

With hard work and consistency, the CUW Triathlon team will continue to improve in their second year and beyond.