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  • CUW’s Bluff

    CUW’s bluff one of the most beautiful attractions on campus. Students, faculty and individuals in the community enjoy the bluff and all it has to offer. The bluff’s length is 2,700, overlooks Lake Michigan, and includes more than 200 steps…. Read More ›

  • Study Abroad in South Africa

    Concordia University of Wisconsin chose South Africa for their Spring 2017 semester study abroad destination. CUW alternates between Europe and Non-Traditional countries each year, and this year they have decided on South Africa. Studying abroad in South Africa may be… Read More ›

  • Summer Internship at Gateway Plastics Inc.

    Local employers know the importance of internship experience for college students. Gateway Plastics Inc., is searching for a Humans Resource Intern for this summer. Today, employers favor potential employees who have completed an internship. An internship looks good on a… Read More ›

  • Students Health at CUW

    CUW’s students are always on the go, and juggling between classes, homework, jobs and social life make maintaining a healthy lifestyle difficult. Many students struggle toward an optimal state of well-being. According to MSN, RN, Renee Gosselin, maintaining a healthy… Read More ›

  • Business Major Changes at CUW

    Concordia University Wisconsin is making changes in the School of Business Administration for current and future students. CUW’s administration decided to finalize improvements in the business department and the business majors. A few years ago, CUW’s administration decided to strengthen… Read More ›