Christmas at Concordia 2017

The annual Christmas at Concordia concert is always a popular event for students; this year was no different.

For the third year in row, Christmas at Concordia sold out of tickets in a few days. Seeing a huge crowd in attendance was satisfying for CUW choir member Jonathon Gideon.

“It is really cool too see all of the support from the students and faculty here at Concordia. It really does make of all us feel special and worthwhile,” Gideon said.

All the Christmas at Concordia participants practiced a lot to prepare for the concert.

“We spent pretty the entire semester practicing and preparing for the concert. I for one am glad that it is over, but it was definitely nice to hear that standing ovation at the end of the concert, and to see all of the happy faces,” band member Collin Steiner said.

From the student perspective, Christmas at Concordia was a fun show to see and a must see for next year.

“Christmas at Concordia was amazing, and awesome. I loved all of it and it really helped me get into the Christmas spirit. The performers sounded great, and it was cool to see the culmination of all of their work,” Wong said.

Christmas at Concordia 2017 was once again a success, and people are looking forward to the concert in 2018.


Q&A with SGA Treasurer Noah Voss

Q: What does SGA stand for?

A: SGA stands for Student Government Association. It’s a way for students to use their voice within CUW.

Q: What does SGA do?

A: SGA is in charge of all the clubs and organizations for students around campus…example A Cappella club.

Q: Where does the money come from?

A: Each student pays a SGA fee, which goes to the SGA yearly budget. This budget is used for events, university changes, clubs under SGA, and much more.

Q: How is SGA comprised?

A: An Executive Board consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Academic Officer, Chief Student Officer, and Chief Organizational Officer. All other members of SGA are considered the senate. The senate consists of students who serve as resident, academic, and organization senators.

Q: What is your role in SGA?

A: I am the Treasurer. I’m the money man.

Q: What does the Treasurer actually do?

A: I control the budget for the whole year! I make sure each club is using their money $1000 accordingly. I also sign off reimbursements.

Q: What do you say to those asking where the money actually end up?

A: Money goes to the clubs…$1000 each. We also use the money toward improving the school, like furniture and stuff like that, and events like Dancing Through the Decades.

Q: How can students learn more about SGA?

A: If they want to learn more about SGA, they are welcome to come shadow a senate meeting which we hold every Monday night at 9:30p.m.!


Challenges and Opportunities for Sodexo

Sodexo Inc. USA has been the primary food provider for CUW since 2004, and some students are not satisfied with the food service.

According to the conversations between the author and students, Sodexo is being criticized for lacking in improving their service at CUW for students. The author spoke with 15 students, and the results were unanimous. At one time, each student, expressed disappointment in Sodexo.

“I’ve been here for three years and Sodexo has only gotten worse. For example, the Nest used to be one of my favorite places to eat, but ever since they changed their menu, I can’t eat that food anymore,” student Connor Larson said.

Sodexo has also faced scrutiny from students for their service being inconsistent. Some students said the food quality fluctuated each day.

“I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to the cafeteria for lunch, and I get a nice meal, and the very next day I’ll go and my food will be dry and tough to eat. Same goes for the nest. I just feel like there isn’t any consistency when it comes to the food here,” student Jason Van Beek, said.

Sodexo General Manager, Angela Jensen sympathizes with the students.

“We understand that some students may not be satisfied with our service, and we want to make things better. We welcome any feedback you have, whether it’s through surveys, social media, emails, or face-to-face interactions, we appreciate it,” Jensen said.

Sodexo has a face-to-face opportunity for students to interact with Sodexo workers.

“We have the Dining Service Committee meeting on Monday November 13, and we invite students to come and share their thoughts and opinions,” Jensen said.



The New ACHA Hockey Program

This year at CUW, the ACHA hockey program has been introduced by our Athletic Department, and it has a lot of hockey players excited.

CUW is changing from Junior Varsity Division 3 over ACHA Division 2, and it has senior hockey player Benny Serres pumped up for this upcoming season.

“I love the new ACHA hockey program. We finally get treated like collegiate athletes. We have more games this year than the last two years combined. The uniforms are better, and we have a nice new locker room,” Serres said.

Part of the American Collegiate Hockey Association’s mission is to ensure that every ACHA team is provided with quality resources.

The ACHA Hockey website states that are working towards making sure each hockey team is provided with quality game gear, and up to date amenities. (

Serres is also excited about the opportunity to play new teams and being able to play in more road games. Serres displayed his joy over the new level of competition with the team now participating in Division 2 hockey.

“I’m happy for the roadies we get to go on this year. My first few years playing Junior Varsity, we played a couple road games, and they were fun. But this year we have more than ever and it’s exciting to be a part of this and be able to travel to other schools to play hockey. Also with us now being Division 2, the competition is going to be better and we welcome that challenge and we are ready to go out on the ice and prove what we are made of,” Serres said.

All in all, the new ACHA hockey program has had good publicity and is being received well from hockey players, and other students around campus.

The new program provides the hockey team with the opportunity to play in more games overall, and to compete at a higher level.















Revitalizing Residence Life

CUW’s Residence Life has strived to make on campus living a great experience for students, and this year they have taken their goal to another level.

Residence Life has implemented new protocols that they feel will make students across campus more comfortable. These improvements include, better roommate agreements, safety checks, and making staff more relational, rather than administrative.

One of the biggest improvements are the updated roommate agreements.

“This year we wanted to make sure that our residents took the roommate agreement more seriously, and treated it like a contract. We added things such as scheduled hang out times, quiet hour times, and roommate expectations, that we feel will help the roommates become acclimated with each other faster, and possibly become friends,” said Resident Director Manda Kelly.

The next protocol is actually new to Residence Life as a whole. This new protocol is called safety checks.  The idea of safety checks, allows RAs to get into their residents’ rooms to check for any maintenance concerns that need to be addressed immediately. Safety checks also allow RAs to talk with their residents and build relationships.

“The main goal of safety checks is, for the RAs to address maintenance concerns and to build relationships with their residents by getting a chance to talk to them. We feel that it is important for students to build relationships with each other, and safety checks allow for the RA and their residents to connect,” said Kelly.

The last change Residence Life made to improve student life is with their staff.

“Often times in the past, we feel that the students think we are here to police them or manage them, and that is not the case. This year we have trained our RAs to be more relational and friendly with their residents, rather than administrative. We have instructed our RAs to build relationships with their residents, and to leave policing to Campus Safety or the Conduct Board,” said Kelly.

CUW Residence Life feels these improvements will make student life better as whole, but they also recognize that they still have room to improve.