Concordia University Advisors

Concordia University Wisconsin provide services for all students, including academic advising, but some students have had issues with this process. Director of Academic Advising Sara Depies said the university helps advisors and students to form a relationship. “Each student is assigned… Read More ›

University Food Quality

Because a university recruits students to attend their school, providing a welcoming atmosphere is important. The students are looking for the best for themselves, so professors, housing, and food matter. There is no room for argument about the quality of… Read More ›

Changes to Chemnitz

TRANSCRIPT: Hello, I’m Emily Marciniak with Beacon News. Growing student populations have stressed departments on Concordia’s campus involving academic, extra-curricular, and housing spaces. The result is a student population that is beginning to exceed CUW’s space. According to the Office… Read More ›