Dave Coulier Event a Major Success at CUW

Over 550 CUW students, faculty, and staff enjoyed a blast from TV past Oct. 3, when comedian and actor Dave Coulier visited campus.

The beat the expectations held by the organizers of the event, CUW’s Campus Activities Board (CAB). The crowd packed the Todd Wehr Auditorium on the CUW campus, and laughs could be heard pouring out of the room. In addition to a hilarious comedy routine, Coulier held a Q&A session including funny questions, and questions about his career.

“When we got in contact with Dave’s agent over the summer, we were nervous and hesitant, but so excited for this new opportunity to bring such a big name on campus.

Seeing the excitement since the beginning of the school year was huge for us. To have people waiting outside four hours before the event even started proved itself how successful the event was. It was such a fun night to see over 550 people – both faculty and staff – coming together for a good laugh!” CAB’s Kimberlyn Skibbe said. CAB staff members, who are all undergrad students, planned and staffed the events.

According to Skibbe, it was exciting for CUW to be able to invite a high-profile individual like Coulier, who starred for many years as Uncle Joey on the hit sitcom “Full House,” the Netflix reboot of the hit, “Fuller House,” voiced many cartoon characters, and even hosted his own series on Nickelodeon.

In addition to inviting comedians and performing acts, CAB plans other events for CUW students. CAB plans CUW’s Homecoming celebration, hosts trivia challenges, movie nights, and many off-campus day trips.

CAB also invite students to become members of the board, allowing them to plan or contribute ideas for campus events. CAB said they were encouraged by the excellent turnout to the comedy act, and hopes to capitalize on its success to build momentum for the year of events ahead.



Indoor Baseball Facility Construction

      Construction of an indoor baseball facility is underway at Concordia University of Wisconsin.  If the weather allows for construction to stay on track, the building will be ready to use in early November, in time for the colder winter months.

      The facility will be 6,000 square feet and include 3-4 batting cages, turf, heaters, and a Driveline wall for pitchers. Head baseball coach Edmund Morgan said that the facility will hopefully add more equipment, such as high-speed cameras.

      CUW’s goal is to be one of the better baseball programs in the country in player development. The addition of this facility will aid that goal.

      “It’s going to help a lot of people. It’s going to allow an opportunity for softball and baseball players especially, to be able to get in there and get their individual work done, which will hopefully relate to success on the field,” Morgan said.

      The facility will help many CUW athletic teams by providing a place for conditioning, practicing, and possible athletic training classrooms.

      The facility will decrease space taken up in the field house, with teams no longer fighting to find separate times to practice in winter months.

      “A number of teams will be able to practice here when the weather isn’t the greatest,” Morgan said.

      Coach Morgan also said the facility will help recruit higher quality athletes.

      “It’s an opportunity to show players that our player development is supported by the institution,” Morgan said.

Writing History One Spike at a Time

It took only a few words for junior captain Lauren Nevinski to sum up the 2016-17 Concordia Volleyball season. For the first time in school history the Falcons clinched an automatic bid into the NCAA National Championship Tournament.

“It’s an unreal feeling,” Nevinski said.

The Falcons finished with the best record in school history, with a record of 22 wins, 8 losses. Nevinski, a middle hitter, led the team in solo blocks with 9.

“I’d say the best part of the season for me was beating Aurora to win the conference. No other team in Concordia history has done that so it was incredibly special to be a part of,” Nevinski said.

After winning the NACC conference championship 3-1 over Aurora, the Falcons left for Saint Paul, Minn., where they would eventually lose to No. 2 ranked Cal Lutheran, the reigning national champions.

“I think being able to go and compete against one of the best teams in the country was huge for us as far as mentality goes. This season proved to everyone involved in the program that we have the potential to go further into the NCAA tournament and play at an extremely high level,” Nevinski said.

And as the spring semester ends, the volleyball program continues to take steps forward to improve for next season.

“I think winning conference was really an eye opener for a lot of us. I’ve never been on a team that has made it to a big tournament like that so I think it’s just made us raise the bar on our expectations and our preparation,” said Nevinski. “We’re trying to keep making history.”

Coming Home for Homecoming

November began the start of festivities for Concordia as the school kicked off homecoming week.

“Homecoming is always a really festive time on campus,” said student Maddie Stressler. “Everybody really goes all out. The football game’s crowd is always huge and there’s always events going on somewhere on campus.”

Food, lawn games, and free t-shirts included the start of Freddy Fest.  With Concordia’s student-run radio station WCUW “The Talon” providing music for the event, students flocked to the Regents Courtyard to tailgate before the Falcon football team took to the field.

After an exciting first half, the homecoming court crowned their king and queen.  Seniors Erin Kline and Jonathon received the crown in front of the crowd. Halftime festivities continued as the 2006 Falcon Football team took center stage as they were honored for their accomplishments on the field.

“Seeing those guys get honored at halftime was really cool,” said Allison Neuberger. “Not only was it really awesome to see that alumni still appreciate Concordia, but it was also amazing to see one of the guys propose to his girlfriend. To be a part of that is pretty special.”

After the festivities of halftime ended, the Falcon football team took the field once more to battle against Rockford. Ultimately they won 49-46 in thrilling fashion after scoring a touchdown to take the lead with under a minute left to play.

To end homecoming weekend, Concordia students danced the night away at the River Club.

“The venue was really nice, as was the music,” said Tyler Martinkus. “To top it all off, the decorations really fit the theme of Once Upon a Time. Overall the whole thing was just an amazing time.”

As the night drew to an end, so did the week of festivities. And as the last guests strolled on out into the night, students anticipated next years’ activities.

Student Center Provides for Students

Concordia University Wisconsin students spend free time in the student’s center, including a dining hall, billiards, televisions, and rooms for studying.

“I lived here on campus for two years, and I spend time here at the student’s center to hangout with other students and watch television,” Alessa said.


Some students visit the student’s center to do work. A few small rooms allow students to study, anytime as it’s open 24 hours.

Although the student center is usually a happy place, one issue for some students is its cleanliness, or lack thereof.

“I think the students should take care about this place more. When I come here with my friends, we see a lot of food and empty cans on the tables. As a student, I spend time here to watch television or eat dinner. We need some stuff to clean the student’s center every time, “Alharbi said.

Overall, the student center provides students with different resources when not in classes, something that will continue to happen.

Zoey the Comfort Dog

Zoey is the first dog that was hired as a staff member at Concordia University Wisconsin in Mequon to perform the functions of a comfort dog and serve as a support for people.

The main mission of the Zoey is to promote relaxation as well as decrease stress and depression. In most cases, the interaction takes place in schools, universities, churches, hospitals, and nursing homes. In addition, the Zoey provides assistance and support in various disaster response situations.


She makes people smile and improves their mood during different stressful events in everyday life.

“I love to see Zoey at CUW, I believe that there is an understanding and communication between humans and animals, they bring comfort to us, ” Harbi said.

Zoey belongs to Lutheran Church Charities. Her membership in this religious organization is even supported by the personal Bible Verse Isaiah 66:13 “As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem.”

Due to her great job performance and assistance-providing, Zoey has received a lot of different awards, including LCC Comfort Dog, AKC Canine Good Citizen, and Pet Partners Therapy Dog.