Christmas at Concordia 2017

The annual Christmas at Concordia concert is always a popular event for students; this year was no different.

For the third year in row, Christmas at Concordia sold out of tickets in a few days. Seeing a huge crowd in attendance was satisfying for CUW choir member Jonathon Gideon.

“It is really cool too see all of the support from the students and faculty here at Concordia. It really does make of all us feel special and worthwhile,” Gideon said.

All the Christmas at Concordia participants practiced a lot to prepare for the concert.

“We spent pretty the entire semester practicing and preparing for the concert. I for one am glad that it is over, but it was definitely nice to hear that standing ovation at the end of the concert, and to see all of the happy faces,” band member Collin Steiner said.

From the student perspective, Christmas at Concordia was a fun show to see and a must see for next year.

“Christmas at Concordia was amazing, and awesome. I loved all of it and it really helped me get into the Christmas spirit. The performers sounded great, and it was cool to see the culmination of all of their work,” Wong said.

Christmas at Concordia 2017 was once again a success, and people are looking forward to the concert in 2018.


New Campus Associate Pastor

Pastor Bender is now serving as the new associate pastor on campus at Concordia University of Wisconsin.

Douglas Bender, who graduated from CUW seven years ago, has followed God’s path for him by returning to his alma mater.

Pastor Bender spoke to God for guidance and put aside his own wants.

“It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life,” Pastor Bender said.

Pastor Bender will be working with Pastor Smith, helping to take on some campus ministry responsibilities.

“Having someone specifically devoted to campus ministry to work with me is fabulous. It helps to fill out our team,” Pastor Smith said.

Although the two do not read over the other’s sermons, they work as partners to come up with new ideas.

“We have the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other all the time,” Pastor Smith said.

While Pastor Smith handles anything that falls under campus ministry, Pastor Bender has taken responsibility for Haven, mission trips, Students for Life, and men’s ministry.

“It’s important to keep growing with the students because we have more students and a bigger variety,” Pastor Smith said.

The Lutheran denomination and students’ backgrounds have evolved. Pastor Smith said he hopes that the addition of a younger pastor will help to connect with students.

“I relish the chance to be back with this team and work with people that I’ve learned so much from,” Pastor Bender said.

Pastor Bender said his main goal is to help show students what faith in Christ looks like, while continuing to grow the campus ministry program.

“I am looking forward to the influence we will have on each other and on Concordia,” Pastor Smith said.

Q&A with SGA Treasurer Noah Voss

Q: What does SGA stand for?

A: SGA stands for Student Government Association. It’s a way for students to use their voice within CUW.

Q: What does SGA do?

A: SGA is in charge of all the clubs and organizations for students around campus…example A Cappella club.

Q: Where does the money come from?

A: Each student pays a SGA fee, which goes to the SGA yearly budget. This budget is used for events, university changes, clubs under SGA, and much more.

Q: How is SGA comprised?

A: An Executive Board consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Academic Officer, Chief Student Officer, and Chief Organizational Officer. All other members of SGA are considered the senate. The senate consists of students who serve as resident, academic, and organization senators.

Q: What is your role in SGA?

A: I am the Treasurer. I’m the money man.

Q: What does the Treasurer actually do?

A: I control the budget for the whole year! I make sure each club is using their money $1000 accordingly. I also sign off reimbursements.

Q: What do you say to those asking where the money actually end up?

A: Money goes to the clubs…$1000 each. We also use the money toward improving the school, like furniture and stuff like that, and events like Dancing Through the Decades.

Q: How can students learn more about SGA?

A: If they want to learn more about SGA, they are welcome to come shadow a senate meeting which we hold every Monday night at 9:30p.m.!


Locker Room Renovations

The men’s soccer and basketball locker room renovations are now completed at Concordia University of Wisconsin.

The renovations consisted of replacing the flooring with carpet, removing and updating lockers, adding new locker brackets and name tags, installing an air conditioner and updating the lighting.

According to men’s soccer head coach Tom Saleska, he hopes to have showers added to the locker room in the near future.

The locker room renovation has been an ongoing process.

“Every year there is another project to work on to make it nicer for the teams,” men’s basketball coach Shawn Cassidy said.

The last updates to the locker room took place more than six years ago when the metal lockers were replaced with wooden ones.

Cassidy said while he hopes the renovations improve recruiting efforts, it is not the main goal.

“The primary goal of the renovations is to make it a better experience for student athletes and make it a place that they can be proud of, a place they can call their home during the seasons,” Cassidy said.

Saleska agrees that keeping current players satisfied is what matters most. Between the two teams, the locker rooms are used almost year-round.

“We thoroughly enjoy having this place, and so do the players,” Saleska said.

Cassidy also said he is optimistic about finding more ways to make an even better experience for student athletes.

“Hopefully it impacts the pride we have in the school and having the opportunity to wear the Concordia jersey,” he said.